Danone Activia Tolerance


L'Endemà, by Isona Passola at ApuntoLapospo


The DCP of ‘L’Endemà’, the full-length film of Massa d’Or Productions, and directed by Isona Passola, will be made at ApuntoLapospo along with the post-production...

En busca del futuro perdido will also be made at Lapospo

En busca del futuro perdido

‘En busca del futuro perdido’ (In search of the lost future), part two of the award winning ‘En busca del primer europeo’ (In search of the first European), will also be made at ApuntoLapospo.

ApuntoLapospo co-produces "La pasión del Prado" in 4K for TVE

La pasión del Prado

The documentary, filmed in 4K, wants to present to its viewers the magic and the light of 400 masterpieces found in the art gallery. Apuntolapospo not only co-produced...

Solo química



Apuntolapospo post-produces the Rodar y Rodar’s film ‘SOLO QUIMICA’


The filming of the new comedy by Alfonso Albacete, regarding a young woman who falls in love with a TV star, is set in different places like Barcelona, Sitges and Costa Brava. The experts at Lapospo have been chosen to optimize the post-production work, especially the FX which will be done in their facilities.


‘SOLO QUIMICA’ (‘Only Chemistry’) is a production of Rodar y Rodar Cine (‘The Orphanage’, ‘Julia’s Eyes’ and ‘The Body’) in collaboration with Televisión Española, Canal+ and Televisió de Catalunya. The main protagonists of the movie are Ana Fernández ('Cuestión de sexo', 'Los protegidos'), Alejo Sauras ('Los Serrano', 'Fenómenos') and the Argentinian actor Rodrigo Guirao ('Patito feo', 'Bienvenidos al Lolita') accompanied by a brilliant cast that includes the great José Coronado.



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